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ILL Request Form
Québec university libraries

This ILL request form can be used until June 2023. It will then be replaced by a new form. This form is to be used by libraries only (libraries that do not interact with Colombo or Tipasa).

Before completing the form

Please complete a separate form for each item, loan or copy.
Do not use abbreviations.
Fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
Request Details
* Request Number:   Enter your own request number, WITHOUT DIACRITICS, for tracking purposes.
* Borrowing Library:   Enter your CANADIAN LIBRARY SYMBOL or the COLOMBO LIBRARY SYMBOL you received.  More details
* Colombo Lender:  
* Service:  
Needed Before:  
Account Number:  
Item Details
* Call Number/Location:  
* Title:  
Sponsoring Body:  
Place of Publication:  
Date of Publication:   Edition:  
Series Title/Number:  
  Format 0123456789, without dashes.   Format 1234-5678.
OCLC Biblio. Number:  
Article Details
Please fill in if you only require a part of the item, book or periodical.
Author of Article:  
Title of Article:  
Volume/Issue:   Date:  
  Format nn-nn, without prefix, e.g. 17-30.
Additional Information
Verification Source:  
Special Instructions, Comments:
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To keep a copy of the request for your records, please print this page before clicking Submit.
If you need to send a message about your request, please consult the list of
Colombo libraries.

Colombo Project Team :
Updated: 22 mars 2023