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ILL Request Form
Québec university libraries

As of July 2022, all BCI libraries will be using the Tipasa Interlibrary Loans system. This ILL request form can be used until June 2023. This form is to be used by libraries only (libraries that do not interact with Colombo or Tipasa).

Before completing the form

Please complete a separate form for each item, loan or copy.
Do not use abbreviations.
Fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
Request Details
* Request Number:   Enter your own request number, WITHOUT DIACRITICS, for tracking purposes.
* Borrowing Library:   Enter your CANADIAN LIBRARY SYMBOL or the COLOMBO LIBRARY SYMBOL you received.  More details
* Colombo Lender:  
* Service:  
Needed Before:  
Account Number:  
Item Details
* Call Number/Location:  
* Title:  
Sponsoring Body:  
Place of Publication:  
Date of Publication:   Edition:  
Series Title/Number:  
  Format 0123456789, without dashes.   Format 1234-5678.
OCLC Biblio. Number:  
Article Details
Please fill in if you only require a part of the item, book or periodical.
Author of Article:  
Title of Article:  
Volume/Issue:   Date:  
  Format nn-nn, without prefix, e.g. 17-30.
Additional Information
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Special Instructions, Comments:
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To keep a copy of the request for your records, please print this page before clicking Submit.
If you need to send a message about your request, please consult the list of
Colombo libraries.

Colombo Project Team :
Updated: 7 février 2022