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ILL Request Form
Québec university libraries

The ILL Request Form is to be used by libraries that wish to submit an interlibrary loan request to a Québec university library that has implemented the Colombo system.

You do not have to use this form if your library has an ILL system that can send ISO protocol or Generic Script format requests. To ensure that your system can inter-operate with Colombo, please contact

The form is for inter-institutional requests only. Individuals wishing to obtain documents via interlibrary loan should contact their local library.


Before submitting a request

  1. Locate the item you need
    • Identify the owning library
    • Copy the call number and location of the item to enter them into the form
    • Make sure that the item is available

    ... by searching the following :
    Colombo - A Québec university libraries' service
    Amicus - Canadian National Catalogue: may also be used to submit a request to a Colombo library,
    participating libraries' catalogues : in Colombo's Searchable Collections list, click on the name of the institution to access the library's catalogue or website.

  2. Check that the lending library is using the Colombo system
    Implementation of the Colombo system in the libraries of the Québec university network (known as BCI) is completed. Please consult the list of Colombo libraries to verify that the lending library actually uses the system.

  3. Make sure that your library is registered as a borrower in the system

    Canadian libraries : the 2004 edition of the Canadian Library Symbols Directory has been loaded entirely into the Colombo system.
    If your library was not listed then, you may obtain a Canadian library symbol from
    Or if your library's data, delivery address, email, phone, has changed.
     =>  Send us your complete information : borrowing library registration

    If you do not wish to be listed in the Canadian Library Symbols Directory and only borrow from one BCI library, your institution may be registered in the Colombo system as a user : please contact the Colombo library directly.

    Foreign libraries
     =>  Send us your complete information : borrowing library registration

    A member of the Colombo team will contact you to confirm your library's registration in the system. To submit a request, use your Canadian library symbol or the Colombo symbol you will receive.

ILL Request Form

Updated: 31 janvier 2019