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Borrowing Library Registration Form
Colombo System

Libraries wishing to submit an ILL request to a Québec university library that has implemented the Colombo system must be registered in the Colombo database.

Please use this form:

  • if you have never submitted a request to a Colombo library, to make sure that your library is known to the system;
  • if your data, delivery address, email, phone, have changed, to ensure that the Colombo database is up to date.
For complete information.

Codes and symbols
If your library is already registered in the Colombo system, please enter your Canadian library symbol or your Colombo symbol. You may then fill in only the pertinent fields to transmit changes to your previous data.
Canadian Library Symbol:   Colombo Symbol:  
NUC:   Docline:  
A-G Canada (WHO):   OCLC:  
Others:     Please specify the authority source for the code or symbol.
Library Name:  
French Designation:  
Name of ILL Dept:  
Org., Building, Room:  
Street and Number:  
Postal Box:  
Province, State:   Country:  
Postal Code:   Phone Number:  
  Format (999) 999-9999 #9999
Type of library  
ILL Messaging
If your library uses an ILL management system to send and receive requests, please indicate the system's name: Agent, AVISO, Docline, ILL Manager, ILLiad, OCLC, Relais, VDX...
ILL Management System:  
Otherwise, please specify the method that you use to send Interlibrary Loan requests: email, formatted email, Fax, Web forms, printed forms...
Borrowing Messaging:  
What is your preferred method to receive Interlibrary Loan requests ? Please enter the electronic address if applicable.
Lending Messaging:  
Electronic address:  
Delivery addresses
Please indicate all methods that can be used to send you a document, with the corresponding addresses.
Ariel:   FAX:  
FTP File Transfer:     Format (999) 999-9999
Courier Services:  
ILL Service Agreements
Does your library have special ILL agreements with any BCI library ? Please provide all the details.
Is your library part of a group or consortium, local, regional or national ? Please identify the group(s).
Additional information
Please enter any additional information about your library or comments to complete/explain the above data.
* Mandatory Information
* Submitted by - Name:   * Phone:  
* Email:  
A member of the Colombo team will contact you to confirm your library's registration in the system or the update of data. Thanks for your cooperation !
Colombo Project Team :
Updated: 20 août 2015